Don’t Kill the Angels has a staged reading in Woven Theatre Company’s The Loom: New Works Festival in Nashville, September 6. Directed by Coutney Schuster.


Workshop leader for Nuts. Bolts. Paper. Dramatists Guild—Tennessee Chapter. July 7.


Absent Grace is performed in the YET Play Series in Woodstock, NY. May 10-11.

He Killed My Bird, or Now That We’re in Heaven has a staged reading at Guerl-rilla Theatre in Columbia, MO. May 4.


Lillie Meant Murder is performed in National Cathedral School’s One-Act Play Festival (Washington, DC). April 25-26.


Aglaonike's Tiger has a mainstage production at Western Kentucky University. February 21-26. Directed by Carol Herin Jordan. College Heights Herald feature by Abbigail Nutter.



Kingdom (a play about Snow White and climate change) has a staged reading at the Tennessee Playwrights Studio Festival in Nashville, November 25. Directed by Leah Lowe.


Absent Grace, a 10-minute opera based on the play, is performed at Boston Opera Collaborative's Opera Bites, October 26-28. Music by Marti Epstein.

Reviews of Opera Bites (Absent Grace):

Boston Globe review by Zoë Madonna.

The Boston Musical Intelligencer review by Leon Golub.

Schmopera review by Aruturo Fernandez.



Palooka is performed in Troy University’s Ten Minute Play Festival (Troy, AL) on September 24. Directed by Viva A. Gunter.


Serena premieres at the Museum of Dysfunction X at Mildred's Umbrella in Houston, Texas, June 21-23. Directed by Bree Bridger.

Mice into Horses is published in Ponder Review volume 2, issue 1.


An interview by C. Kay ‘Andy’ Landis is published in The Dramatist.


Respondent to the New Works Festival at Western Kentucky University. March 3-4.


I Love You Terribly: Six Plays (actually seven) has a staged reading at Best Medicine Rep in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Directed by Lucette Moran. February 11.


Palooka is published in The Best Ten-Minute Plays 2017.

"Do You Censor Yourself When Writing?" is published in The Dramatist.



Absent Grace is performed at Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa. Directed by Myriah Wynia. November 16-18.


Aglaonike's Tiger premieres at Venus Theatre in Laurel, Maryland. Directed by Deb Randall. September 7-October 1.

Read about Aglaonike’s Tiger:

Washington Post review by Celia Wren.

TheatreBloom review by Amanda N. Gunther.

DC Theatre Scene review by Debbie Minter Jackson.

DC Metro Theater Arts review by Susan Brall.

Baltimore Sun review by David Sturm.


Mice into Horses is performed by two different casts at the Thalia Festival at the AlphaNYC Theater in New York. Directed by Alice Camarota. April 20-22.



Aglaonike's Tiger has a lab production at University of Pittsburgh Stages. Directed by Shelby Brewster, with puppets and masks by Michael McDevitt. October 12-16.

Don't Kill the Angels is a semifinalist for the 2016 Writing Award at the Bridge Initiative: Women in Theatre.


Aglaonike's Tiger has a workshop production at 5th Wall Productions in Charleston, South Carolina. Directed by Blair Cadden. July 15-17. 


Palooka wins the Andaluz Award Jury Prize and is performed in Fusion Theatre's 11th Annual Short Works Festival, The Seven: Strange Bedfellows, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Directed by Aaron Worley. June 9-12.


Absent Grace is performed in Kent Denver School's One-Act Play Festival in Englewood, Colorado. May 13.

Absent Grace is performed at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Directed by Kristopher Sage. May 4.


Witches Vanish is part of Borderlands of History: Gender, Violence, Memory, A Staged Reading Series at the University of Pittsburgh. Directed by Shelby Brewster. March 18. 

Absent Grace is performed by students at the SHOBI College of Music in Tokyo on March 12.


Don't Kill the Angels is a finalist for the Greenhouse Project: Science and Art at Strange Sun Theater.

Absent Grace is performed in the Short Play Festival at Niagara University. January 22-24.



A scene from Witches Vanish is performed in New Faces 2015 at Southern Illinois University. Directed by Katelin Burchett. November 14.

Till Death is performed in Undergraduate Directed One-Act Plays at UC Santa Barbara. Directed by Selene Betancourt. November 13-15.


No. 731 Degraw-street, Brooklyn, or Emily Dickinson's Sister is published by Carnegie Mellon University Press. 

On the cover of American Theatre with Women's Voices playwrights.


Witches Vanish premieres at Venus Theatre in Laurel, Maryland as part of the Women's Voices Theater Festival, August 20-September 20. 

Read about Witches Vanish:

Baltimore Sun review by Patti Restivo.

DC Metro Theater Arts review by Michael Poandl.

TheatreBloom review by Amanda N. Gunther.

Washington Post review by Jane Horwitz.

An interview in the DC Theatre Scene.

An interview with Venus artistic director Deborah Randall in Theatre Bloom.

An article on the Women's Voices Theater Festival by Laura Shamas on the LA FPI website.

A story on Venus in the Baltimore Sun. 


Lillie Meant Murder is performed at the Barn Summer Playhouse Series: The Best of the Best American Short Plays at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island. July 19-27.


Absent Grace is performed as part of She Said, He Said: Love & Life, without a Net at Readers Theatre Repertory, May 15 & 16 in Portland, Oregon.


Absent Grace is performed as part of the Oswego High School Drama Club's 10-minute play festival, May 7 & 8 in Oswego, New York.


Aglaonike's Tiger has a staged reading at the Carver Theatre in Birmingham on April 25. Directed by Bree Windham and presented by the Magic City Reading Series and the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame. 

Read about Aglaonike’s Tiger in Weld for Birmingham.


A snowy week at work on a new play at the Winter Writer's Retreat in Creede, Colorado, thanks to the HBMG Foundation, the Human Stage, and Creede Repertory Theatre.

Swimming in the Afternoon is published in River Styx issue 93.

He Killed My Bird, or Now That We're in Heaven is published in Old Stories, New Readings: The Transforming Power of American Drama.