Henry Fuseli,  The Nightmare  (1781).

Henry Fuseli, The Nightmare (1781).

Don't Kill the Angels

Synopsis. At the intersection between two worlds—a coastal home at once sheltered and safe and also broken, slipping into the sea—an enchanted couple, artist and scientist, evolve into prophet and monster, seer and dream. As the drama drifts between times, a feckless fairy godmother hovers, her spells abortive; buzzards shadow windows with angel wings; and a nine-lived sloth plays housecat. Inspired by the poetry of John Keats, the paintings of Henry Fuseli, ancient mythology, and neuroscience, Don’t Kill the Angels leads its audience on a journey through the haunted mind.      2W, 1M, 1N.

Don't Kill the Angels is a work-in-progress. Its development has been supported by the HBMG Foundation, the Human Stage, Creede Repertory Theatre, and 5th Wall Productions.

Don't Kill the Angels was a finalist for the Greenhouse 2015/16: Science and Art at Strange Sun Theater and a semifinalist for the 2016 Writing Award at the Bridge Initiative.

Don’t Kill the Angels had a staged reading at 5th Wall Productions in Charleston, SC, on June 26, 2016.

Don’t Kill the Angels had a staged reading as part of Woven Theatre Company’s The Loom: New Works Festival in Nashville, TN, on September 6, 2019. Directed by Courtney Schuster.